Have you ever walked in nature after a stressful day? Something resets. 
We can’t always control the sources of our stress, but we can control how our bodies are affected by stress. 
By just simply lying on the comfortable Smartroller and rocking back and forth, you can reduce bodily tension which lowers your response to stress.

Here are other ways the Smartroller connects to our natural body design and function: 

  • Tensegrity:  The Smartroller’s shape supports the tensegrity of the body.  Tensegrity is an architectural term that Buckminster Fuller used to address a concept of ‘tension + integrity’. Our bodies are not rigid structures. Instead, there is a delicate balance of tensile and compressive forces that hold all structures in a perfect balance. Many believe our bodies follow this dynamic design. The Smartroller offers support that is more anatomically friendly to address postural changes without interference.
  • Respiration: Breathing always includes our whole self. Imposing unnecessary tension on our bodies can reduce our authentic breath. While lying on the Smartroller, your intercostal (rib) muscles are freer to move as your chest opens and provide ease in your breath (see picture below).
  • Awareness: The Smartroller products are shaped to support your body to rest, move and sense better. By reducing discomfort, you are able to heighten sensitivity, which helps you refine and improve your body's GPS to movement. 
  • Integration: Optimizing alignment, balance and central strength, the Smartroller products easily complement a Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy or Feldenkrais® practice. "The Smartroller delivers a much improved integrated experience of challenge, and a deeper learning. While at the same time, the new shape offers many more ergonomic options for the spine, the feet and any gait related protocol."  Marie-Jose Blom Inventor of the Smartspine™, International Pilates educator
  • Nervous System: The Smartroller’s design also supports what many neuroscientists find promote neuroplasticity. Using your Smartroller with the movement puzzles from SMARTROLLER GUIDE TO OPTIMAL MOVEMENT, you provide novel, challenging and variable exercises to increase your brain plasticity. 
The Smartroller changed my life. I was very injured from a biking accident and just using this every day helped many of my orthopedic issues! After a long day lying on this roller relaxes your whole body - especially the tense muscles in the face, jaw, and neck - a great way to unwind after a long day. Well worth the investment - I have one at home and at work!
— Susan Dopart, MS, RD, CDE Santa Monica, CA